Welcome to Peter Pan Pre-School in Elstead

Started in 1967, our pre-school offers a warm and friendly setting for your children with a strong emphasis on ‘Learning through Play’. Our pre-school is a charity organisation run by our Parent Committee where you have the option to be involved both in the development of your child and the running of the setting.

OFSTED registered we offer sessions for 2 – 5 year olds. We can accept a maximum of 24 children per day and our staff:child ratio is 1:8 increasing to 1:4 with children under 3.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage to provide a wide range of stimulating play and guided activities so that each child can enjoy learning about themselves and the world around them.

Our flexible approach allows children to develop at their own rate. We create an atmosphere where all our children enjoy fun and laughter with other children and adults.

We help each child develop a well-rounded personality and be enthusiastic and relaxed about the transition to school, taking with them a positive and confident approach to learning that will be of value throughout their lives.

“Please don’t expect too much of me, I’m learning more than you can see. Being simply here to enjoy and play means more to me than words can say. Please don’t fret at the end of the day if I have nothing to display. I really gain so much from play, social skills and come what may. So when I come home empty handed from such a busy day, Please don’t say “Haven’t you done anything today?”